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At Lilly’s, we prepare your meal from only the most natural, local, and organic ingredients. And we do this daily, from scratch, just for you.

Lilly’s “Carolina Crust” contains only 100% Certified Organic and Kosher stone-milled, whole-wheat, flour from Lindley Mills, Graham, NC. Our Flour is less than one week old from the time of milling to your table. And our dough also contains Nature’s most wholesome food: Honey (Agavé, in our vegan crust).

Our sauces are prepared with only organic vegetables and spices, including organic vine-ripened tomatoes in our tomato-based sauces. The majority of our select vegetables are Certified Organic from Melvin’s Gardens,

Rocky Ford, NC, Blue Sky Farms in Wendell, NC, and from Touch of Green Organic Produce, Greensboro, NC.

Our proteins are prepared fresh daily and are completely natural with no antibiotics or growth hormones. And our cheeses are selected from only organically-certified farms where the cattle are humanely raised. Our rich mozzarella contains both Buffalo and cow’s milk – and it’s BVGH-free!

If you have any special dietary considerations: lactose or gluten intolerant, diabetes, food allergies, etc., please discuss your order with your server or our manager. We’re always (where possible) willing to modify our creations to meet your specific dietary needs.

We hope you enjoy the difference a locally owned, independent restaurant makes in your community!

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