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About Us

About Us

“Our dedicated culinary team prepares your meal from only the most natural, local, and organic foods available. We do this daily from scratch. We love all of our customers especially those with vegetarian and vegan diets as noted by the large amount of healthy vegetables on our menu! For our carnivorous friends, enjoy select cuts of the finest meats available!

You may pick one of our delicious Specialties, or choose to create your own favorite Veggie, Vegan or Meat dish. We also offer a large selection of Salads, Snacks, Strombolis, Zones, Pastas, and Gluten-free pies.

Lilly’s dough contains only 100% Certified Organic and Kosher stone-milled, whole-wheat, flour from Lindley Mills, Graham, NC. Our tomato sauce is prepared with only organic veggies and organic vine-ripened tomatoes. The vast majority of our selected vegetables are Certified Organic from Melvin’s Gardens, Rocky Ford, NC and from Blue Sky Farms in Wendell, NC. And, our Chicken and Beef toppings are cut fresh to order and are completely natural with no antibiotics, hormones, coloring agents, or preservatives from Cliff’s Meat Market, Carrborro, NC. Lastly, our rich mozzarella contains both Buffalo and cow’s milk and is BVGH free!

If you have any special dietary considerations, (lactose intolerant, diabetic, food allergies, etc.) please discuss your order with our manager.

Lilly’s delivers our entire Menu including Beverages starting at 11am daily!

We hope you enjoy the difference a locally owned, independent restaurant makes in your community!”

Owner Jon Garrison

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